Countdown To 50 – Ten Years Gone

Approaching 50 on December 28, I’ll be posting a song each day that has been a part of, influenced, or reminded me of my life.

Seventeen days to 50: Led Zeppelin – Ten Years Gone

This song means to me, not love lost (original meaning), but decisions made (also original meaning). In 1999 the kids moved away to Texas. My job had concluded due to the company being sold (this would happen again), so I broke my lease, packed up my life, and moved to Texas for a month before finding employment…back in Colorado. I packed up again, broke another lease, and headed back to the mountains. A dad needs to provide, no matter the distance.

For ten years after returning we spoke on the phone almost daily, and I drove four times a year to visit them whenever I saved enough vacation time and money for the trip. Each time 1,500 miles in three days. One trip in 2005 was made by bicycle with mom driving support. I am so grateful for her steady guidance in the move(s) and on the ride, and for the support given by all of my friends.

Without those ten years of road trips through the plains, I wouldn’t be who I am today, and my kids wouldn’t have as much of me in their character as they do. I’m very proud of them both for their individuality, their accomplishments, and for the people they have grown to be.

Ten Years Gone was on the Road Trip playlist for the final few trips approaching the tenth year, and to this day makes me think of every small town from here to Dallas. All the memories made with my children during those visits are now permanently part of their lives as well. Those ten years may have passed, but they are far from gone.

This is one of my top five favorite Led Zeppelin songs.


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