The Value of Innocence

​Remember that time when we were all kinder to one another? The time before elections and the internet? When playing outside was the pinnacle of happiness? Playing Duck Duck Goose and Hide and Seek until dusk, when our parents would call us home. Clipping baseball cards in the spokes of our bikes and the only politics we knew were on the diamond. We fell in love and learned what kissing was and suffered wounds from heartbreak, but we made it through.

Then we grew up and lost the shine of naivete, the brightness of youth. We somehow learned to be angrier and more cynical as the world routinely disappointed us. We misplaced the key ingredient in smiles and laughter and calmness and peace.

Adulthood might just be the act of spending the rest of our lives trying to achieve something taken for granted in our youth. No one person will save us, but we can save ourselves and thusly, those after us. Start with kindness – it’s much closer than you think, but as adults we have forgotten where we keep it.

Now go outside and play, but please do your best to stay off my lawn.


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