Also from my old Tumblr, again, as inactive as my romantic life…

The world shrinks. No exposure to current events, cutting ties with social media, and allowing in only people whom I trust with my life.

The forest, the plains, the ocean all wait quietly, going about their natural day while we bury ourselves with our own lives. It is time to unwind, time to smile, time to giggle, time to take chances, time to be real, time to live, and time to love.

Now, I don’t know how to do that last part. I’m going to need patience and tolerance and help with my timing and warm hugs and calmness and a hand to hold every day.

Every day.

She cannot be afraid of goodness and must trust my rough edges and know that at the end of the day she will be safe next to me as she falls asleep with my gentle breath trickling down her clavicle and my hand on her hip.


One thought on “Needs

  1. she’s waiting for you, I’m sure of it x

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