Rainy Day Ledger

Few things are worse for a bank account than a rainy day and cycling apparel on sale for cheaper than I can get it at cost. I own more Lycra than I do cotton, and I don’t ride professionally so none of this is free, however being employed within the cycling industry entitles me to certain discounts. Also of note is that I wear cotton boxers, Levi’s 501 button fly about 5 days a year, and tee shirts. It doesn’t really change day to day unless I have a date and judging by the length of my beard, that event hasn’t occurred in a couple of years.

It’s a simple equation, really; what is not spent on cotton is funnelled into the Lycra column on my balance sheet. Fernando Lamas had it half right, but I like to look good as well as feel good.

New clothing does nothing for my face though – sorry about that.

So while the rain comes down, cancelling my ride today, I fill the void with synthetic fabric. Of note is that I do recycle jerseys (giving them away, as I do keep them in great shape and wash/air dry them after each ride) and the cycle is almost at an end of buying apparel due to change in the shape of my body – from XXL to M.

Bikes will shrink you.

And your bank account.


Everything Must Go

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